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Poster: jdsharpe Date: Mar 24, 2005 6:51am
Forum: movies Subject: encoding

I'm trying to encode some of my own films for uploading to the archive. I want to mainly use quicktime, but will also encode for windows media player and real player.

I'm having trouble choosing the right combination of settings (for encoding to quicktime mpeg 2 and 4) for quality and size. Does anyone have any recommendations? Or can anyone point me the direction of a list of what settings are best for what?

I'm willing to do two versions of everything, one small and one larger, I just don't like loosing frames and too much quality.

I'm using the adobe media encoder that's within premiere pro.


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Poster: A/V Geek Skip Date: Mar 24, 2005 9:24am
Forum: movies Subject: Re: encoding

If you submit the file as a MPEG-2, the Internet Archive contribution system will automatically generate smaller files for you.

When I encode MPEG-2 I try to use these parameters:

Video: 720 x 480, 9Mbps VBR (this is pretty high and will make big files, you can have a lower bitrate, but I wouldn't go below 5Mbps.
Audio: 192Kbps, 48Khz, MPEG layer 1, stereo.

Hope this helps.


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Poster: JImrock San Diego . BBH Crew . Kazaa king bootlegger Date: Apr 4, 2005 2:04pm
Forum: movies Subject: who Needs HELp Editing, or Compressing a video.

I see alot of people have the clips but no video or have the video but its sloppy or this or that. if your heart has been set on getting your stuff on I am around to help you out.this for those who are having trouble with video.If you have some of your video clips and need some help making a video I"ll help you out.. like adding a logo or titles that makes your film complete. I usually have time and I'm always editing video or building web sites so if you want some free help i'm around.. Jimrock San Diego bbh crew. . thanks..

. oh and I have over 200 files on kazaa, and limewire 24 hours a day.